SU easy access mobile scaffold tower

EN1004:2020 AS/NZS 1576.3 Customizable Expandable Trusted Safety Various sizes

SU easy access mobile scaffold tower

Widely used in performance, maintenance, advertising, construction projects, routine house works, etc.

  • EN1004:2020 standard
  • 275KG/㎡ safety load
  • Size: 1.8m x 1.35m
  • Available in 2m/2.5m/3m length, or tailor-made
  • Access through trapdoor
  • Ergonomic easy access ladder with handrail, safe and convenient to carry tools and objects.
  • Unique design brace clip
  • Quality birch wood core platform. Anti-slip and waterproof
  • Separated/folding aluminum toe board set
  • Adjustable outriggers with 60cm adjust space
  • Scaffold caster with safe working load up to 1200KG


Platform height: The distance between ground and the surface of the top platform.

Total height: The height from ground to the top of the scaffold. Usually add 1m on platform height.

Working height: The maximum height that a person can reach while standing on the top platform. Usually add 1m on total height.


Every detail counts

When everyone makes the same style, we make it better

EN1004:2020/AS/NZS 1576.3 standard

Tested under EN1004:2020 standard by TUV or AS/NZS1576.3 by SGS, you can rest assured what you receive are aluminum scaffolds with trusted quality and excellent performance.

High grade aluminum

We use high grade 6061-T6 aluminum alloy to manufacture our mobile aluminum scaffolds, with 260N/cm² yield strength, 290N cm² tensile strength. All for ensuring durable and solid quality.

Grip-tight scaffold brace

Easy operated braces. With renewal clip design, it can wrap more than 50% of the vertical tube, ensuring it won’t be kicked off or loose after assembly.

Folding/seperated toe board

Strong aluminum toe board can stand 150N horizontal force with 17mm deformation, less than 35mm as EN1004 requested. Having stoppers on folding toe board to prevent inner fold and locate position at the same time.

Birch wood core platform

Solidly constructed to reach over 275KG/㎡ load capacity, our platforms are made of a strong aluminum frame and 10mm thick anti-slip & waterproof birch core plywood, no peeling in humid, hot, cold, or dry climates. What’s more, the trapdoor is reinforced with aluminum frame to prevent sticking up at one end, the hinge is made of zinc plated steel, no aging and shedding like woven fabric.

Solid platform hook

100% rust free. All platforms are equipped with one piece machined platform hook and quick set retractable wind-lock. The hook is bolted on with 304 grade stainless steel bolt&safe lock nut.

Adjustable outrigger

Using an elastic clip to stop the feet from going back is not enough, the outriggers are equipped with security nut to make sure it won’t be loose. Sizes vary from 2m to 4m length (even more), and 600mm adjusting distance.

8 inch Scaffold caster

With a hardened caster body and steel balls, the safe working load of our casters can bear 1200KG with residual deformation less than 1.5mm(requested by EN1004) and total deformation less than 15mm(requested by EN1004), tested by TUV. Total brake design stops both the wheel and swivel head, can guarantee maximum scaffold stability.

Gravity lock

Not available

5/6 inch scaffold caster

Not available


Not available

Hangable platform

Not available

Order and production

How is your order handled?

Sales contract signed back & advance payment (or as agreed).
Material incoming inspection: Thickness, size, weight, etc.
Mass production & production status report.
During production inspection: Technical data, function, tolerance, outlook, etc.
Final inspection & Trail scaffold built-up: Test, technical data, size, function, etc.
Packing: Shrink wrap, carton box, carton paper, stickers & labels, etc.
Production finished notice & customer inspection ( if there's any).
Balanced payment(or as agreed).
Contacting forwarder, container loading, delivery, and paperwork.
After sales service.

Main Production flow

Cutting Material

Shape forming






4 major steps of inspections

From incoming material inspection to final inspection, we have our professional inspection team to make sure our scaffold quality is always under control.

Incoming Material Inspection

When the materials arrived to our warehouse, we will do ISO standard inspection to check the size, thickness, treatment, quantity, etc, all according to controlled drawing and technical requirements. To decide it can be accepted or should be rejected. 

During Production Inspection

A key action to keep quality under control, ISO standard during production inspection is critical and can never be skipped off. We check the sizes and function of all scaffold components according to the drawings and technical requirements, to avoid unnecessary re-work and potential problems.

Product test

We do product test according to EN1004:2020 standard, both components and whole set scaffold.

Trial Assembly

In the middle of mass production process, we always assemble one set of scaffold to confirm if the sizes are correct and all components can fit well.


Packing & shipping

Imagine this:

A container with mixed scaffold items has arrived to your warehouse, and you need to find out the right parts to set up a scaffold first, as a sample to be shown to your customers. But it’s really painful to sort out which component belongs to which scaffold, that you have to count the rungs of a frame and measure the sizes.

We have a simple but efficient method packed together with your goods, to save tons of time. With this, you can immediately find all the correct parts while you are unloading your goods. Most importantly, you won’t miss any pieces of them.

Packing material:

Generally, we use shrink wrap and carton papers/boxes to wrap the scaffold parts. However, we take an extra move: we put Scaffold manual and scaffold check list in each caster’s carton box, and it’s for free!  For your brand marketing and selling,  we put label/bar code as per your request, we also have solution for areas with strong UV rays or rainy weather.

Container loading:

Usually one 40 feet HQ container can load 73 m³, one 40 feet container can load 68 m³of goods and 32 m³ for one 20 feet container. For all of our products, we have detailed container loading information for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different? Why you?
No matter having supplier or not, we are always here to provide you information and solutions.The reasons why we are different and you can open a door for us: 1) Non-stop product improvement: When everyone is making the same scaffold style, we make it better by improving user experience and scaffold safety, and we listen to our customers of how we can do it better; 2) Besides the classical models, we also make our own designed scaffold to help you standout from the others and explore more business opportunities, and you can rest assured we only make EN1004 standard scaffold; 3) We listen to our customer's suggestions and needs and try to achieve their goals; 4) We are flexible on customization and MOQ.
What customers are you working with?
We work with professional aluminum scaffold dealers, aerial work access product distributors, home improvement chain stores, contractors, construction companies, maintenance companies, branded manufacturers, etc. Which help us to gain more experience from design, solution, customization, orders follow-up, and details like packing and delivery. We never stop learning, like the earth never stop turning.
What if I want a different sized scaffold?
That's what we good at and proud of! Send us your requirement to, or give us a call +86-0662-3308161, we will offer you suggested solutions and precise quotation with detailed drawing and 3D model to review.
What if I want a different aluminum product?
As long as it's aluminum, send us your requirement to, or give us a call +86-0662-3308161, we will offer you suggested solutions and precise quotation with detailed drawing and 3D model to review.
Which product is better for my business?
It depends on which market are you in. We have experience manufacturing different aluminum scaffolds for customers from different countries, so we know which type would work.
Do you accept sample orders?
Yes we do. We totally understand that It's necessary to check the quality first before bulk order. If you find any point you want us to improve or change, we are always listening.
What's your MOQ?
Generally, our MOQ is 1x20' GP container, but we always welcome LCL shipment orders or sample orders.
Production lead-time
5 days for 1 set order; 15-20 days for LCL shipment orders; 35-40 days for full container orders.
What other products do you have?
Besides aluminum scaffolds, we are also making aluminum-related products like crane baskets, ladder holder, aluminum base plates, scaffold connect post, and we always welcome to contact us of developing ladders and truss, etc. What's more, we've been manufacturing casters and wheels for over 40 years, and hand carts & trolleys for over 18 years, for more information, please go to: or
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